Karim El Iraqi explains the fact that he signed for Zamalek in a call to Al Masry officials


The officials of the Egyptian club made a phone call with Karim El Iraqi, the right back of the team and the Olympic team, to inquire about the fact that he signed for Zamalek, after suspending sports activity for 15 days in Egypt as a precaution against the Corona virus.

“The Iraqi” told Al-Masry officials in that call, “I asked you to increase my contract … How can I request that and sign for another club?”, To make the player clear that until the current moment he did not sign for Zamalek despite the negotiations that took place with him through the players’ agents regarding Zamalek’s desire to annex him.

With this, the Iraqi will wait for the Egyptian’s position regarding the amendment of his contract, or not, especially that he will not be able to move to Zamalek, except with the approval of his club after an official source in the Port Said club stressed in response to the news of the signature of Karim al-Iraqi, the right back of the team and the Olympic team, for the club Zamalek Recently, to support the right front of the white team, next season, saying: “His contract is extended with the team and he will not leave for any club except with our approval and we talked with him about our desire to remain in the new season.”

Dahir Ayman Al-Masry starred with his team this season, in addition to his contribution with the Egyptian Olympic team players in the coronation of the African Nations Cup Under-23 Championship, which was held in Egypt recently, where the Iraqi participated in 27 games with Al-Masry this season by 14 games in the league and 11 games In the Confederation and a match in the Egypt Cup, he scored two goals, while he participated with the Olympic team in 5 games, during which he scored a goal.

Zamalek is looking for a contract with a right back to support the right front of the team in the next season, especially in light of relying on the duo Hazem Imam and the rookie Ahmed Eid only, in this center, in addition to that the contract of the imam will end with Al-Ubayyid at the end of the current season, so white officials pledged, file The new deals that the White Council intends to conclude to support the team during the summer transfers next season, according to the report of French Patrice Cartier, the team’s technical director, who will present it to the Council during the coming period before the end of the current season.


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