Keep your homes … financial penalties for violators


Source: Arabic.Net – Agencies

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson imposed on Monday General closure In the United Kingdom for three weeks, aiming to curb an outbreak of the newly created Corona virus that has killed more than 300 people in the country.

In the framework of this procedure, which is effective from Monday evening, the British will not be allowed to leave their homes except in very limited cases such as purchasing the necessary necessities and going to work or to the doctor or exercise once a day, as Johnson explained in his speech to the nation.

It will also prevent every gathering of more than two people, and all non-essential goods and places of worship will be closed.

“Hold your homes,” Johnson said in his speech to the British, noting that the police will be charged with enforcing citizens’ compliance with these procedures and will be entitled to impose fines on violators.

These measures, the most severe in Britain in peacetime history, were invoked by Johnson after the outcome of the epidemic in the United Kingdom reached 6,650 injured, of whom 335 died.

“From this evening, I will give the British very simple direction: You have to stay in your homes,” the Prime Minister added, describing the emerging Corona virus as “the most serious threat facing our country for decades.”

He added, “We will conduct a new evaluation within three weeks and we will reduce (these restrictions) if the facts show that it is possible to do so.”

Johnson was forced to tighten anti-Corona measures after a weekend in which many parts of Britain, including the National Parks in Wales and Scotland, were overcrowded, despite the government’s assertion of the need to maintain social exclusion to limit the transmission of the virus.

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