Kef announces hosting the final Confederation of Morocco


The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has announced hosting the Prince Moulay Abd Allah Stadium in the State of Morocco for the Confederation of Africa Cup final.

The Executive Committee of the Confederation of African Football decided in June 2019 to hold the final of one match, not the return and return system, as was customary since the start of the competition.

CAF confirmed through its official Twitter account that Prince Moulay Abdullah Stadium in Rabat will host the final of the Confederation 2019-2020.

The final match is scheduled for May 24.

The Moroccan Confederation previously advanced to organize the final of the Confederation Championship, by submitting a file containing Prince Moulay Abdullah Stadium in Rabat.

It is noteworthy that the Pyramids team will face Guinea-Conakry Houria in the semi-final of the African Confederation Championship, hoping to reach the final.

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