Kinda Alloush: The quality of the series “Dai Al-Qamar” encouraged me to return


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Actress Canada Alloush revealed the continuation of the final preparations for the series “Dai Al-Qamar” with director Maryam Al-Ahmadi and the author Abeer Suleiman, as she confirmed that the series is different from the works she previously presented, which strongly encouraged us to return to the artistic scene again after a period of absence and due to the conditions of marriage and pregnancy.

She explained that «the series is full of rich and intertwining dramatic lines, which carries more than one story within one series.

It is noteworthy that this work represents the first return of the artist Canada Alloush after an absence period that lasted 3 years since her last work, “The Native”, after which she would be satisfied with appearing in the series “I eat it”.


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