Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper 18 of the famous “social media” for the prosecution


             <h2>Among them are "Fachinstatt" ... and "financial investigations" intending to refer them on charges of inflating their accounts<br/>• Investigating a boy and a girl whose assets exceeded 12 million dinars</h2>
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                    <p class="ar">Informed sources revealed to Al-Jarida that the Financial Investigation Unit will soon refer to the Public Funds Prosecution 18 suspects of their bank accounts, most of whom are famous for social media networks, and some of the “fashinstats” indicating that the unit is serious in combating suspicious funds, working to track them, and make sure From its sources, pursuant to the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Law.

                    <p class="ar">The sources stated that the Public Funds Prosecution is still investigating the two communications referred to it from the unit against the accounts of a famous young man and girl, “The Social Media”, in coordination with the authorities responsible for tracking the financial accounts, explaining that the inflated amounts of money in the accounts under investigation exceed 12 million dinars.</p>
                    <p class="ar">She pointed out that the investigations are still in its infancy, and that the prosecution will work to summon the two suspects and investigate them in light of the evidence, indicating that ensuring the integrity of the funds and their sources is one of the responsibilities assigned by the law to the supervisory authorities, and not addressing them exposes the country to international observations and criticism in the area of ​​combating money laundering and tracking .</p>



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