Laila Elwi, did you attack Rania Youssef or others?


The able Egyptian artist, Laila Elwi, attacked the artists who depend on stirring up controversy in their clothes, as she described, instead of caring for their work.

She recounted: (stardom differs at this time from the previous one, the actresses were working with determination and succeeding thanks to their deeds, now they adopt the temptation by wearing short dresses, to become on every tongue, and everyone trades their names).

She continued: (They think that some people trade their names, that they have become famous, fame is not achieved this way).

She added: (On the other hand, it bothered me to focus on some of my clothes and dresses that I wear, and they no longer focus on the artist’s work as an actor in the first place).

Did you mean Layla Raniya Yousif Which provokes a great reaction whenever she appears wearing a short dress? But she was hardworking and persevered and did good work!

Mother Menna Fadali She is famous for publishing her pictures in bikini, even though she has a good talent, and she has not yet invested it properly!

The mother of the intruders who entered the scene of acting through suspicious ways, but they fell over the years because the authentic and real actor alone remains and continues in the minds and hearts of people.


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