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The activity of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi was numerous during the past week, where he held a meeting to follow up the Ministry of Health and Population’s precautionary plan for the Corona virus, and received the French Minister of Defense, the President of the Austrian Parliament, the Foreign Ministers of Bahrain and the Congo, the Vice President of South Sudan, and the President of the Schneider Electric International , Chaired an expanded meeting of the leaders of the armed forces, and received a phone call from President Trump about the Renaissance Dam file, and from the President of South Korea.
President Al-Sisi started his weekly activities by holding a meeting with Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, in the presence of Major General Amir Sayed Ahmed, Advisor to the President of the Urban Planning, and Major General Doctor Magdy Amin Mubarak, Director of the Medical Services Department of the Armed Forces.
The meeting dealt with following up the developments of the global epidemiological situation of the “Corona emerging” virus, as well as the Ministry of Health and Population precautionary plan in this regard at the national level.
President El-Sisi directed to continue raising the degree of readiness and preparedness in accordance with the standards of the World Health Organization, especially through cooperation and coordination between all concerned parties in the state, and to carry out continuous awareness campaigns for citizens of different groups, with the aim of providing guidance and providing accurate information and real data, as well as working on early detection of any cases Suspected, as well as tightening health control over entry points into the country.

President Sisi, Luc Raymond, President of the Schneider Electric International Company, and a number of the company’s leaders, were received in the presence of Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, and Dr. Mohamed Shaker, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy.
The meeting witnessed the agreement between the Ministry of Electricity and the Schneider Electric company that the company would establish a number of control centers in the electricity distribution networks in Egypt, within the framework of the national plan to establish and develop these centers at the level of the Republic, which are the centers that will raise the level of the electricity delivery service as well The quality of the national electricity grid in general.
President Sisi welcomed the intensification of cooperation with the Schneider Electric company, especially in light of the distinguished relations between Egypt and France, which is cooperation that achieves interest and mutual benefit in light of the increase in demand for electricity and energy in general in the framework of the comprehensive development plan that is pursued in all parts of Egypt, Including the trend towards the implementation of major projects with huge investment opportunities.

President Sisi, Florence Barley, Minister of the French Army, met with the presence of Lieutenant General Mohamed Zaki, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense and Military Production, where the President stressed the depth of Egyptian-French relations, especially through the close cooperation existing between the two countries at the military and security levels, while expressing the aspiration To develop this cooperation during the coming period, as well as to continue intensive bilateral coordination and consultation on issues and challenges of common concern and ways to deal with them.
During the meeting, they discussed ways to enhance military cooperation between the two countries, and views were exchanged regarding developments on the level of a number of regional files and joint efforts to reach political settlements for the various crises in the region.
President Sisi also received Wolfgang Sobotka, President of the Austrian Parliament, where the President stressed keenness on continuous communication with the Austrian Chancellor to enhance bilateral relations and consultation on the most important regional issues in the Euro-Mediterranean framework, expressing in this regard the aspiration to continue to improve cooperation between the two countries at various levels, especially on The level of economic and commercial relations through exchanging experiences and visits, in a way that contributes to enhancing communication between the two peoples.
The meeting discussed ways of activating the frameworks of joint cooperation and developing bilateral relations between the two countries, and pushing them towards broader horizons during the next stage, especially in the areas of trade exchange and investment.
The latest developments in the Middle East region, and the developments of various regional crises, especially Libya, were reviewed, in which regard, agreement was reached on the importance of commitment to implementing the outputs of the Berlin Conference to reach a comprehensive political settlement of the issue, including limiting illegal foreign interference in the Libyan issue Which undermines the chances of a solution and restoring peace and stability in the country.
The comprehensive Egyptian vision on combating terrorism and extremist ideology was also discussed, which is based on a comprehensive framework that is not limited only to security and military dealings, but extends to achieving development and providing integrated pillars for a decent life for those in need, as the President reviewed the efforts Egypt is making at various levels to deal with this phenomenon Crossing borders by establishing a culture of acceptance of the other and freedom of belief and citizenship, which contributed to the consolidation of the concept of social peace in society, noting in this regard the importance of correct understanding of religion, correcting false ideas and confronting the systematic exploitation of them to employ them to Political goals are high, as well as upholding the values ​​of equality and accepting the other.

President al-Sisi received Dr. Abd al-Latif al-Zayani, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain, praising the strength and strength of the Egyptian-Bahraini relations and the characteristics they have, while affirming Egypt’s keenness to develop close bilateral cooperation and coordination in the interest of the two brotherly peoples, as well as the Arab nation.
Dr. Abdullatif Al-Zayani delivered a message from King Hamad bin Isa to President Al-Sisi, which included the pride of the Bahraini government and people in their strong historical ties and relations with Egypt and its people in various fields, and expressing deep appreciation for the strategic and pivotal role that Egypt plays under the leadership of the President in protecting security The Arab national and defending the causes of the Arab nation, as well as Egypt’s tireless efforts to establish security, stability and development at the regional and international levels, based on the weight and centrality of Egypt’s role and its major constituents on the international scene.
During the meeting, they discussed discussions on various aspects of bilateral relations, as well as consultations regarding developments on the regional scene, where the President stressed in this regard the link of Gulf security to the Egyptian national security, praising the vital role played by Bahrain and its leadership in facing the challenges experienced by the Arab nation.
President Sisi received Jean-Claude Jacoso, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Congo, where he appreciated the distinguished levels reached by the bilateral brotherly relations between the two countries, noting Egypt’s keenness to support bilateral cooperation frameworks at various levels, especially in the areas of trade exchange, investment, infrastructure development and provision of technical support And capacity building.
The Congolese Foreign Minister delivered a message from President Sassou Nguesso to President Al-Sisi regarding the latest developments in the Libyan issue in light of the Congolese President taking over the presidency of the High-Level Committee of the African Union. During the meeting, visions were exchanged regarding the Libyan crisis and its implications for regional and continental security, where it was agreed on the necessity of Intensifying coordination between the two countries in this regard, with the aim of reaching a political solution that paves the way for the return of security and stability in this brotherly country, especially by supporting the implementation of the outputs of the Berlin process, and rejecting any external interference in Libyan territory.

President Al-Sisi chaired an expanded meeting of the leaders of the armed forces at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense’s General Secretariat, in the presence of the First Lieutenant General / Mohamed Zaki, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of Defense and Military Production, and General / Mohamed Farid, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces.
During the meeting, President Sisi briefed on the overall security situation on all strategic directions throughout the Republic, and the security measures and plans implemented by the armed forces to pursue and arrest terrorist elements aimed at destabilizing the country, especially in North Sinai.
The President praised the efforts of the armed forces to achieve security and stability and counter terrorist operations in the country, in cooperation with the civil police, and the sacrifices they are making in exchange for the homeland and to preserve its security, safety and capabilities of its people, stressing the need to continue to show the highest levels of caution, caution and combat readiness, to reach the highest levels of readiness to implement Any tasks assigned to them to protect Egypt’s national security, in light of the current challenges facing the region.

President Sisi received a phone call from US President Donald Trump, during which they discussed and exchanged views on the latest developments of the Renaissance Dam file, as the American President expressed his appreciation for Egypt’s initialization of the agreement that resulted in the rounds of negotiations on the Renaissance Dam in Washington during the past months , As it is a comprehensive, fair and balanced agreement, stressing that this indicates goodwill and the sincere and constructive political will of Egypt.
President Trump also affirmed the US administration’s continued efforts to coordinate with Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia on this vital file, until the three countries finish signing the Renaissance Dam Agreement.
For his part, President Al-Sisi expressed his deep appreciation for the role that the US administration is playing in sponsoring the tripartite negotiations on the Renaissance Dam, and the great interest that President Trump attaches in this regard, stressing that Egypt continues to give this issue the utmost attention in the framework of defending the interests of the Egyptian people Its capabilities and future.
President El-Sisi received a phone call from Moon JN, President of the Republic of South Korea, in which he expressed his country’s aspiration to enhance bilateral mutual relations at various levels, especially economic, and increase the volume of Korean investments in light of the economic growth and comprehensive development in Egypt, which would To open new horizons for investment cooperation between the two countries.
It was agreed during the communication on developing mutual trade relations in the light of the major development projects being implemented in Egypt and the attractive investment opportunities provided in the forefront of which are the economic zone of the Suez Canal, as an extension of the march of distinguished bilateral relations that will take place this year 25 years of establishing diplomatic relations between Egypt and Korea Southern.

President El-Sisi concluded his weekly activities by receiving James Wany Ija, Vice President of South Sudan, in the presence of Minister Abbas Kamel, Head of General Intelligence, where El-Sisi praised the depth of Egyptian-South Sudanese relations, stressing keenness to develop them, as well as Egypt’s continued efforts in the regional and international levels to enhance efforts to achieve Stability and peace in South Sudan.
The President also welcomed the important step recently achieved by the parties in South Sudan by the announcement of President Salva Kiir and opposition leader Riek Machar, that they intend to start forming the national unity government in implementation of the decisions of the peace agreement, pointing to the importance of building on the existing momentum on the political scene in South Sudan and the availability of will Necessary by all parties with a view to continuing to implement the peace agreement’s entitlements.

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