Learn about the owner of the yogurt carriage … A young artist started her journey with Mohamed Ramadan – art and culture


Young artist Marwa Al-Azali has sparked widespread controversy on social media, over the past hours, after pictures of her from her latest film, “The World’s Box”, which are still showing in cinemas, have been published.

“Marwa” embodies the role of a girl named “Yogurt”, who has a liver carriage, in a popular neighborhood, where she appeared in the pictures, wearing a cloak of green color, as these photos were taken to her behind the scenes, so some of the pioneers of “Social Media” believed that she was the owner of A real liver cart, in Al-Mahrousa street.

Marwa Al-Azali, her artistic start was around 2009, through the movie “Black Honey” by Ahmed Helmy, where she embodied the role of the plane’s hostess, as she appeared in the series “Ensemble Nagy Attallah” by Adel Imam, and the most prominent role for her, which clearly presented to the public It is “German” by Mohamed Ramadan in 2012, as she appeared in the role of “Habiba”, the girl whom the hero of the movie liked.

After several years, Marwa Al-Azali’s work continued, including the series “Apple Adam”, “Countdown”, “Viva Atata”, “Shams”, “Land of Hypocrisy”, “Against the Unknown”, “We Have Other Sayings”, “Earthquake” and “Bahr”, in addition to the movie “Walls of the Moon” and “It is forbidden to approach or photograph.”

The young artist is collaborating with the star Mohamed Ramadan, for the third time after “German” and “Earthquake”, as she participates in the “Prince” series, which will be shown in the dramatic marathon for the upcoming month of Ramadan, starring Mohamed Ramadan, Lebanese Lebanese, Rogina, Ahmed Zahir, Naglaa Badr, Edward, Donia Abdel Aziz, Abdel Aziz Makhyoun, Reem Samy, Salwa Othman.


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