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The leader of the “Israel Our Home” party revealed the former Israeli defense minister Avigdor Lieberman On Sunday morning, on his party’s conditions to enter the new Israeli government, after the 23 Knesset elections.

It seemed noticeable this time that Lieberman did not address any conditions, “political and security” as before, as his conditions focused on internal “economic and social” issues.

And the Hebrew media quoted the leader of the right-wing “Israel Our Home” party as stipulating the transfer of public transportation and business authorities to the local government on Saturdays, and the adoption of a law to transfer civil marriage to any rabbi, without limiting it to the city’s rabbis, in addition to raising pensions for retirees.

Earlier, Lieberman said he would not join any future Israeli government headed by outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who faces charges of corruption, along with religious (ultra-Orthodox) joining the government.

He stressed that he would support any law in the Knesset that prevents any member facing “indictments” to form the next government, expressing his support also for any law that defines only two terms for any prime minister.

In the same context, the Joint Arab List said on Sunday that it had not received any offer from the leader of the right-wing camp, Benjamin Netanyahu, or the leader of the left-center camp, Benny Gantz, to support either of them to form the next Israeli government.

The official Israeli broadcasting agency, “Makan,” quoted the list’s deputy, Walid Taha, as saying that his list had not received any offers from Netanyahu or Gantz, adding “the ball is in their court.”

According to the final (unofficial) results of the Israeli Central Election Committee, the right-wing bloc led by Benjamin Netanyahu won 58 seats out of 120 in the Knesset, compared to 55 for the left-center bloc led by Benny Gantz.

The results showed that the right-wing “Likud” party led by Netanyahu won 36 seats, compared to 33 seats for the centrist “Blue and White” party, led by Gantz, while the joint list (the Alliance of 4 Arab Parties) was ranked third, with 15 seats.

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