Liverpool goalkeeper ignites ‘hand washing’ challenge to tackle Corona


Corona Virus, That caused the deaths of thousands of different countries.

The Brazilian staged Alison Baker, A goal keeper Liverpool The Englishman, by washing his hands with soap and water, in a video he posted on his account on "Twitter".

Baker’s response came in response to an appeal World Health Organization He washed hands with soap and water, as he challenged the German Ter Stegen A goal keeper Barcelona Spanish and Brazilian Felipe Luis of Flamingo and other Brazilian Thiago Silva of Paris Saint-Germain, French, to do this act.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino also entered the line and performed "Hand Wash Challenge" And posted a video on "Twitter" It is documented.

It is estimated that the number of new cases of coronavirus in the world reached 155 thousand and 423 cases, while 5802 cases were recorded and 72 thousand 590 cases were cured.


TRENDING NOW Celebrities infected by the Corona virus

A shock shook the world when American actor Tom Hanks announced that he and his wife, Rita, had been infected with the virus. The Oscar-winning actor posted on Twitter a post announcing the sad news and spoke how he and his wife felt tired in Australia and body aches, they tested the Corona virus and found it positive, so they followed the protocols of doctors and would keep the world informed. He concluded his tweet by saying: Take care of yourself.

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