Maaloul retracts and decides to stay in Cairo due to quarantine in Tunisia


The Tunisian Ali Maaloul, the left back of Al-Ahly, decided to stay in Egypt, and he withdrew from returning to his country as it was scheduled for him today, based on his request in coordination with the Tunisian embassy in Cairo. That currently dominates the world.

And he got Ali Maaloul The left back of the first team, on the permission of the technical staff led by Swiss Rene Weiler, and Mr. Abdel Hafeez, director of football in the team, and the planning committee headed by Mohsen Saleh, before traveling to his country, before retreating while he was heading to the airport.

The Planning Committee in Al-Ahly refused to discuss the idea of ​​Ali Maaloul’s departure, especially as it is one of the most important pillars of the team that are indispensable, and that neglecting his services will be very difficult, whatever the material temptations, and Al-Ahly recently succeeded in extending a contract on Maaloul for two additional seasons other than the next season remaining in His contract with the red team.

Al-Ahly players perform a physical program from their homes, after the Swiss Rene Fyler sent a training program for the team players via WhatsApp to perform during the leave period to maintain their physical fitness and give them a minimum of physical preparation before the team resumes training, and Rene Vyler, accompanied by the coach of the loads, put a special program for the players that included obligating them To perform abdominal and back exercises regularly, as well as to continue running at home.


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