Madness of Fame .. We spread the confessions of those accused of ridicule citizens across


01:59 PM

Sunday 22 March 2020

Books – Sameh Ghaith:

The defendants of obstructing the citizens of Al-Muqattam made dramatic confessions in front of the mabahith men, saying that they had a good idea on their minds to achieve a high percentage of viewers on social media, and they agreed between them on the independence of two motorcycles and obstructed the citizens.

The defendants added that they were filming the entire incident and filed it on social media, and achieved viewership. After the arrest of the accused, the mukattam mabahith appealed to the victims to go to the department to get acquainted with the accused.

It is reported that in light of what was circulated on the social networking site (Instagram – Tik Tok) from a video clip that included (4) people riding a number (2) motorbike and one of them obstructing pedestrians and dropping people to the ground, and the other bike’s independently photographing the incident.

Notify Major General Ashraf El-Gendy, Director of Cairo Security, ordering the formation of a research team headed by Major General Nabil Selim, Director of the General Department of Cairo Investigation, to arrest the accused.

By conducting the investigations under the supervision of Brigadier Abdel-Fattah Al-Qassas, head of the Southern Sector Investigations, and to collect information, investigations by Lieutenant-Colonel Mahmoud Ismail, head of the Investigation Department of the Mukattam Police Department, found that behind the incident, there were (4) people riding a number (2) motorcycles, who were photographing the incident .

Following the codification of procedures and the preparation of the necessary ambushes, the pioneers Muhammad Fathi, Muhammad Safwat, Muhammad Khairy, Ihab Anwar, and Mustafa Arz, Department of Investigation officers, were able to control the aforementioned.

Facing them, they admitted to obstructing citizens, dropping them to the ground, photographing the incident, and explaining that they did so with the intention of being famous and raising viewership rates on social media to achieve financial profits.

The necessary minutes were edited, and they were transferred by Major General Ahmed Farouk Al-Qarn, Hikdar Al-Asimah, and Major General Atef Khadr, Director of the Southern Sector, to the Public Prosecution.

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