Mahmoud asks to break his marriage contract: She pretended to be from a large family and his father


8:00 AM

Monday 16 March 2020

I wrote- Fatima Adel:

“Mahmoud M. 34” filed a lawsuit before the Family Court in the Fifth Settlement, requesting the annulment of his marriage contract, due to his inability to complete the marital life with his life partner, justifying his request “pretended that she is from a large family and her father came up with a dangerous registrar and her sisters registered for theft “.

The husband said in the suit papers, that he works for a tourism company, and got to know his wife while she is with a friend on one of the tourist trips, and from then on she pretends to love me and all the qualities that make me stick to her, and when asked about her family she confirmed that her father resides in Kuwait and the rest of the family in Saudi Arabia, and she She lives in Cairo with her grandmother because of her love for Egypt.

The claimant added that he had already visited her grandmother in one of the popular areas, and after a period of engagement to her engagement, and after months he moved to live together with the marital nest, explaining that after several months had passed, some strange characteristics began to appear on his wife, and one day she left the house and did not return.

“Mahmoud” indicated that he tried to find out what his wife was hiding but he failed, and by chance he met her close friend and when asked about his wife, she replied, “Maybe you are in the family’s house, call her”, until her friend asked to accompany me to her family’s house, and indeed I saw my wife in a popular area that lives On the street among the neighbors in an abaya, I left her and waited for her at home. After arriving home, she denied what she saw until I pressed her and confessed to the full details of her life. ”

The claimant explained that his wife had told him all that she was hiding and that the reason for what she had done was her intense love of money and her attempt to leave the world in which she had been living since she was young, and when I visited her family the surprise was that her father is registered as a danger and her brothers are registered stealing.

The husband went to his home, quarreled with his wife, and tried to divorce in a way that did not involve disagreements distorting his image in front of his family, but she refused and fled to her family’s house, and from then he does not know anything about it, he had no choice but to go to the family court in the fifth assembly, to file a annulment claim Marriage contract, and she has filed suit No. 1281 of 2019, and it is still pending that has not been decided.

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