Major technology companies are using the Corona virus to improve their image. Know how


Google, Facebook and Amazon use their size, reach, and technological prowess to help Americans cope with the coronary virus crisis, an opportunity for major technology companies to tackle the cash waves in Washington, as the three companies have an opportunity to improve their images, according to the Indian TOI website.

The three companies suffer from extensive US regulatory scrutiny by the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, state prosecutors, and the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives, who accuse companies of engaging in non-competitive behavior by using their influence to defend market share or expand into neighboring markets.

Lawmakers in Washington on both sides regularly attack companies with a wide range of charges, from doing very little to protect children to helping hackers who use the outbreak of the Corona virus to steal people, but the Corona virus epidemic has been shown to companies – all of which have large cash reserves and great capacity To influence the lives of Americans, – an opportunity to play the role of savior while giving up the image of rapists of data.

“I am happy that they are ready to help,” said Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Google’s quest to develop mechanisms to check the virus. “I hope they will actually help and not use that as an opportunity to increase business.”

While Facebook was the latest company to announce its desire to help reduce the economic damage caused by the Corona virus on Tuesday when it said it would provide $ 100 million in cash grants and advertising credits to up to 30,000 small companies in more than 30 countries.

While Alphabet was the first to benefit from Corona at the end of last week, it received great praise from President Donald Trump for developing a website to help accelerate the process of finding those who need to test the Corona virus.

Then Amazon, whose founder Jeff Bezos had been in regular contact with White House employees in recent days, said on Monday that it would employ 100,000 warehouse and delivery workers in the U.S. to deal with increased online orders, and Amazon also said it would add $ 2 to the minimum of $ 15 Hourly wages for American workers until April.

Scott Wollston, president of the Institute for Technology Policy, which includes all three companies among its members, said the current environment provides an opportunity to reset the way people think about technology companies and “will add a new dimension” to the debate about how big technology hurts competition.

Pascar Chakravorty, dean of global business administration at the Fletcher School, Tufts University, who has been tracking the effects of digital technology on issues like global health and economic development, said the focus has shifted to how big technology companies step up to fight misinformation.

He added: “We not only get information about the public health situation but we try to duplicate some aspects of online business with their help.”


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