Medhat Shalaby reveals the reason for the resignation of Turki Al-Sheikh from Al-Ahly’s honorary presidency


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Media Medhat Shalabi revealed the reasons for the resignation of Turki Al Sheikh, head of the Saudi General Entertainment Authority, from the honorary presidency of Al Ahly Club.

“Shalaby,” he said, through his program, “Evening of Lights,”: “It was a sudden resignation, especially since he was in the local supercar who had received very big rewards for Al-Ahly players and the device once he won the title, but what happened overnight?”

He added: “I learned from my personal sources inside the Al-Ahly Club that the main reason behind the resignation is the lack of approval by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the head of Al-Ahly, that Turki Al-Sheikh bear the costs of a private plane transporting the team back and back to South Africa to meet the Sun Downs, and his lack of agreement also to bear the costs Another plane carries a group of a large number of Al-Ahly fans back and back and the costs of their stay, and not agreeing to pay Turki Al-Sheikh a reward to players and the technical staff after winning the Sun Downs.

He continued: “The man felt that he was far from the honorary presidency, since he considered that this position is not merely an honor, as much as a gift, and when he decided to give, the official apologized for not accepting this.”

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