Meteorologists reveal the details of tomorrow’s weather, Monday, and temperatures, and announce when the rain will return again


The Egyptian Meteorological Authority announced the details of tomorrow’s weather on Monday, March 16, 2020, and the expected temperatures in all governorates. The country witnessed a wave of instability and bad weather during the past few days and heavy rains, in addition to strong winds, lightning and thunder on most parts on Thursday and Friday.

Weather forecast announces tomorrow Monday

The governorates of Egypt witness a highly stable weather during tomorrow’s hours Monday, with the exception of the presence of dense watertightness in the early morning on most of the governorates, which causes the blocking of vision. Therefore, the General Authority of Meteorology assured the drivers of the vehicles to be careful and not to use excessive speed to preserve the lives of citizens and avoid Any accidents, where warm weather prevails during the very cold day at night over Greater Cairo, the wind is light and the temperatures are significantly stable compared to the previous days.

Weather forecast reveals tomorrow's weather Monday
Weather forecast reveals tomorrow’s weather Monday

A warm weather prevails during the very cold day on the sea front and the northwestern coasts, and light to moderate winds are active that do not affect the disruption of maritime navigation, while the warm weather prevails during the very cold day at night on South Sinai and the Red Sea mountain ranges and winds are moderate, but for the northeastern coast And in the middle of Sinai, a warm weather will prevail during a very cold day, according to the forecasts of meteorologists.

And expecting Meteorological The expected temperature will decrease significantly next Tuesday, as there are chances of light to moderate rain on some areas of Lower Egypt, the Northeast and West Coasts, and central Sinai. The maximum temperature in Cairo is scheduled to be 23 degrees and the lowest is 14 degrees, and the maximum temperature will be recorded in the north The level is 25 degrees, the minimum is 12 degrees, and the maximum temperature on the northeastern and central Sinai coasts is 21 degrees and the lowest is 13 degrees, as the maximum temperature in Lower Egypt reaches 22 degrees and the lowest is 13 degrees.

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