Meteorology issues an official weather statement for the next three days


The Meteorological Authority issued a statement revealing details of the expected weather situation during the next three days, which starts from Wednesday to next Friday in Egypt, so that citizens can take care of the expected weather fluctuations before leaving the house.

The weather is expected tomorrow, Wednesday

The Meteorological Authority predicts that moderate weather will prevail tomorrow, Wednesday, in the regions of the northeastern coasts, Greater Cairo and the northern governorates in Upper Egypt and central Sinai, while at night it is very cold – but in the provinces of the western coasts and Lower Egypt, the weather is cold during the day and very cold at night, and in the Chains of the Sea region Red and southern Sinai, the weather is warm and at night is very cold.

It is expected that the rain will fall on the areas of Lower Egypt, Greater Cairo, Central Sinai and the Northeastern Coasts, as wind movement is active in many areas, ranging from moderate to active.


Weather on Thursday

Mild weather prevails during the day in the governorates of Lower Egypt and Cairo, and at night it is severe, and in the northeastern and northwestern coasts and central Sinai, the weather is warm during the day and at night, very cold.

Light rain falls on Lower Egypt, Greater Cairo, Northeastern and Northwestern Coasts, and Lower Egypt, and winds are active in many areas, ranging from moderate to active.

Friday weather

On Friday, experts expect cold, day and cold weather to prevail at night, with wind and light activity from light to medium in the coastal areas, Greater Cairo, Northeast and Northwestern Coasts, Southern and Central Sinai, South and North Upper Egypt and the Red Sea mountain ranges.

Meteorological statement
Meteorological Authority statement

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