“Mhdlash Hdoumi broke her head” .. the story of the death of a housewife at the hands of his son


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Wednesday 11 March 2020

Books – Mahmoud Al-Shourbagy:

The situation was narrowed for a long time, and he did not find an outlet in which he suppressed the state of anger pent-up except for his mother, so the twenty-year-old began to harden her, until the matter came to his assault on her with an iron ax, because she refused to wash his clothes, which caused a fractured skull and brain hemorrhage, which caused her death In one of the villages of Minya al-Qamh Center in Sharkia Governorate.

The accused is called “Islam S.” 28 years old – a worker in one of the companies in El-Obour city, and the victim is called “Umm El-Hana. M.” 60 years old, a housewife.

Wajih B., one of the victims ’families, says that“ Islam ”was born in 1992. He finished his technical education and went directly to professional work, and tried more than once to settle in one of the professional handicrafts, in addition to his farming work, but living conditions It was the cause of his deteriorating financial and social condition.

“Islam” remained in his professional work until one of his friends suggested that he go to work in one of the factories in the city of El-Obour. Indeed, he remained in this factory for nearly two years, but without improving his financial status and social conditions.

After the defendant, Islam, proceeded to propose marriage to one of the village girls and rejected him, his situation began to worsen more and more, which made his behavior appear unnatural and changed the way he treated his family members; despite the fact that he was the one who was spending on the needs of the house for long periods without the help of anyone.

“We were pandering on travel contracts for Saudi Arabia … so we could start working there,” says “M.N”, one of the friends of the perpetrator, we moved between more than one profession and factory over the past years without stability, but “Islam” was no longer able to bear his situation; until he started He shows anger continuously inside and outside his family home.

The day before the incident, we were sitting together on a coffee shop after returning from work. We were scheduled to meet the next morning, but we were surprised by the news that “Islam” infringed his mother because he did not wash his clothes.

The injury to Islam’s mother was very difficult, so we immediately transferred her to Al-Ahrar General Hospital in Zagazig, in an attempt to save her, but all of this was of no use! Days passed after the accident – a neighbor says.

“I did not wash my clothes, and life is difficult for me and you did not help me in my life, and dealt with me harshly.” Thus, the accused justified his assault on his mother in front of the prosecution, explaining that during one day a verbal dispute arose between him and his mother, and he did not control his nerves, and he assaulted his mother by beating her on the head.

“There is no reason to justify the perpetrator’s assault on his mother … We all live on our feet, and there is no one who can see his mother.” Thus a villager blamed the perpetrator for what he had done.

Major General Atef Mahran, Assistant Minister of the Interior, Director of Eastern Security, received a notification from Major General Amr Raouf, Director of Criminal Investigation, of a notification from the Al-Ahrar Hospital that “Umm Al-Hana” had arrived, had a brain haemorrhage and a skull fracture, and had been detained with care.

It was clear from the preliminary investigations that her son “Islam” beat her, due to family disputes, and he released from the incident, report No. 1860 misdemeanors of Minya al-Qamh for the year 2020, and by presenting to the Public Prosecution at the Minya al-Qamh Center, she decided to arrest and bring the accused, and asked the investigations investigations about the incident, and inquiries about Medical reports of the injured from the hospital.

A force of Minya al-Qamh mabahith officers was able to arrest the accused, by presenting him to the Public Prosecution, and by asking him, he acknowledged his actions, and he was referred to the Public Prosecution, which decided to detain the young man for 15 days pending investigations.

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