Microsoft’s AI isolates munching noises in video chats


Because of quarantine – by social estrangement, personal isolation, banning gatherings and working remotely – some of us spend more time in group video chats, but every new problem is solved, and here it is for etiquette: it is assumed that literature mutes the microphone and covers the camera every time it takes One has a bite of something, but this is not known to all people, and sometimes some of them have been unable, so Microsoft has created an artificial intelligence that can detect and isolate any chewing related video chats.

The new algorithm is currently only provided by the Microsoft Times program, which is a video conferencing platform similar to Zoom, Google Hangouts and others, according to the Emirates Future Observatory website.

“Thanks to artificial intelligence, Tims can isolate background noise, so you can hear my voice very clearly,” CNet quoted Robert Aikner, director of programs at Microsoft, as saying in a presentation last week.

Microsoft has stated that it has developed the algorithm to make Thames a hassle-free platform, as a safe haven for everyone who abhors the annoying mouthfuls of those chats.


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