Mido: Some coaches risk the lives of their players


Ahmed Hossam Mido, the former coach of the Egypt Clearinghouse, made an appeal to the Egyptian Football Association after some clubs decided to play friendly matches despite stopping the Premier League competitions for two weeks due to the Corona virus.

The clearing club Egypt announced that it will play a friendly match today, Sunday, in the stadium of the Military Sports Authority stadium against the first men in spite of the cessation of sports activity.

Mido said through his official account on the social networking site “Twitter”: “Official instructions must be directed by the Football Association to cancel all friendly matches during the league break.”

He added: “I cannot believe that there are some coaches who risk the lives of their players and their technical, administrative and medical staff in order to equip the team !!”.

He continued: “There is more than one friendly match between the Premier League clubs arranged this week !!”.

The former Zamalek player continued: “The state decides to stop the league in order to protect the health of everyone and clubs decide to risk the health of their players and employees.”

He concluded: “It was first if the league was not suspended if the clubs were to be allowed to hold friendly matches !!”.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian Football Association decided to suspend football activity in Egypt for 15 days, as of next Monday, March 16th, as a precaution against the Corona virus.


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