Military helicopters did not spray pesticides against Corona virus in the provinces


The military spokesman denied the authenticity of what is being circulated on social media sites about military helicopters spraying pesticides against Corona Virus All governorates of the Republic.He emphasized that the official page of the military spokesperson is the only official source of information about the armed forces.

He pointed out that the armed forces, in cooperation with all state agencies, continue to be ready to confront danger Corona Virus The new and taking all measures to ensure the safety and protection of the Egyptian people.
In a related development, Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouly decided to suspend air traffic in all airports from Thursday 19 March to 31 March to prevent the spread Corona Virus.
The Prime Minister also decided during the press conference held in the Council of Ministers to reduce the number of workers in state agencies and government departments to reduce mixing between citizens and reduce it to control The virus.

He added that the decision to reduce workers in the state apparatus excludes vital bodies in the state, and the decision will be issued within hours.

The Prime Minister indicated that the National Aviation Company EgyptAir You will incur losses of about 2.25 billion pounds, but the safety of the citizen is much more important. He added that the last plane will be allowed to fly only next Thursday, and it will be suspended until the end of next month to protect citizens in Egypt.

He demanded that citizens not be in charge of buying goods, as the government provided all goods over the coming months, asking citizens not to buy in large quantities, saying: Do not worry about too many goods.

Madbouly said that all decisions are proactive and prudent so that problems do not occur in Egypt, as happened in the region and the countries of the world.

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly asked parents to take matters very seriously, indicating that the state has two weeks before we can control The virus In it if we adhere to the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization.

He pointed out that he instructed the Minister of Interior and Supply to take severe measures with those who practice concealing goods or increasing their prices.

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