Minister Kamel: Egypt provides all Arab countries with their needs for the first time


Hoda Amin

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Thursday 26 March 2020 – 2:20 am
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Thursday 26 March 2020 – 2:20 am

Kamel, the Minister of Transport, paid tribute to all workers in the Egyptian ports, stressing that the ports are operating at full capacity, around the clock, without stopping.

He added in a telephone interview with the program “On My Responsibility”, which was broadcast on the satellite channel, “Echo of the Country,” yesterday evening, Wednesday, saying: “For the first Egypt, Egypt believes in all the needs of the Arab countries, including” Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia “”, after the ports and export have not stopped. Adding that Egypt currently exports potatoes, lemon, orange and vegetables to Europe through the ports of Alexandria, Damietta and Dekheila

He pointed out that all trails and refrigerators move on time without delay, pointing out that the chronic disease owners working in ports, and authorized them to leave, as a precautionary measure to combat Corona; they did not want to stop work, so as not to disable interests.

He added that if the ports stopped working, the Egyptian agricultural products would not be exported, which would lead to their damage and the loss of currencies.

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