Minister of Health: Corona virus infection rates are expected to increase


Hadeel Hilal

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Monday 16 March 2020 – 10:32 PM
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Monday 16 March 2020 – 10:32 PM

Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, said that it is expected to increase the number of new infections of the “Corona” virus “Covid-19”, pointing out that most of the infected cases in Egypt are positive without symptoms.

“Zayed” added, during a phone call to the program “Al-Hekiya”, broadcast on the satellite “mbc Egypt”, on Monday evening, that the deaths were related to people of advanced ages and their condition is unstable, adding that the ministry took all precautions and conducted a large investigation.

She pointed out that “the wise decisions taken by the state, such as disrupting the study, suspending flying and reducing those present in the workplace, contribute to controlling the situation,” noting that the owners of chronic diseases, pregnant women and the elderly are exempt from being present in government workplaces.

Today, Monday, the Ministry of Health and Population announced the registration of 40 new cases that proved positive for its analyzes of the emerging “Corona” virus, “Covid-19”, bringing the number of infected people to 166, in addition to recording two new deaths.

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