Ministry of Social Solidarity website link inquire about the Integrated Services Card


Starting from the registration days, the services card was extracted
Integrated Disabled – Persons with Disabilities – provided by the Ministry of Social Solidarity to assist
People with special needs to integrate into society and compensate them in kind through
Prosthetic devices .

The Ministry of Solidarity is contributing
The social in bearing part of the calculation of prosthetic devices, medical devices and private transportation
People with disabilities.

Al-Dustour site provides a link to the Ministry of Social Solidarity website to inquire about the integrated services card from Here

Ministry website link
Social Solidarity Inquire about the Integrated Services Card

Conditions that
Must be available to obtain the Integrated Services Card from the Ministry of Social Solidarity

– That the exchange be done
For the physically handicapped only, on condition of safety of the upper limbs.

– He can drive
Handicapped motorbike himself.

– Should not be less
The age of the handicapped is about (18) years.

It is prohibited to sell or dispose of the equipped motorbike
Except after at least 5 years have passed since the date it was received

– Bid at a price
The bike to buy.

A handicapped person can be able to work as designated by the motorcycle
Fitted to move to his workplace easily.

The need for a report
A modern and accredited medical hospital from a government hospital clarifies disability and confirms the ability of the handicapped to ride a bike
The motorbike itself is a modern and authoritative social research that explains the ability of the handicapped to maintain a motorbike
Fitted and disbursed.

Integrated Services Card for Persons with Disabilities

Among the devices
The Ministry of Social Solidarity helps people with special needs

– Motorcycle

– Hand-pulled bike
Or a small motor

Electric wheelchair

– Wheel chair

Prosthetic devices
Headphones, shoes, slides and medical glasses

– Artificial limbs

Ministry of Social Solidarity Register the services card

For its part, it announced
The Ministry of Social Solidarity, headed by Ghada Wali, expressed her contract with the Central Bank to add a system
National payment is a “feature” on integrated services cards, as a prelude to automating all transactions and services
That people with disabilities receive.

In the same
Context Egypt Banks, which is responsible for extracting feature cards, launched a poster campaign behind it
It includes launching its services, and it clarifies that the card will be used to pay government dues, or to pay
Email for merchants who accept card payments.

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