Mohamed El-Baz reveals the secret of Sisi’s meeting with the leaders of the armed forces


Dr. Mohamed El-Baz, head of the boards of directors and editors of Al-Dustour newspaper, revealed the secret of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s meeting with the leaders of the armed forces at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Defense last March 3.

Mohamed Al-Baz said in his 90-minute program, broadcast on Al-Mehwar, that many people, when they watched President Sisi’s meeting with the leaders of the armed forces, said they had a very important message about the Renaissance Dam. He continued: «The truth is that he was not, because this meeting specifically what was not published about it, that there was discussion, and President Sisi asked that the armed forces be at the highest level of readiness for any task related to Egyptian national security.

He pointed out that the task emphasized by the president is that the armed forces are the only party in Egypt, which has a plan to manage the state if the state is exposed to a pandemic, and that against the background of the spread of Corona in some surrounding countries.

Al-Baz pointed out that if epidemics spread, all the interests of the state and its institutions are disrupted, and it is necessary to search for a way to provide the food and drink necessary for the people, and this confirms that Egypt is moving quickly to confront any possible scenarios.

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