Mohamed Ibrahim: Gross wanted to rely on me in Zamalek


Mohamed Ibrahim, the clearing Egypt player, confirmed that he is sad for the way he left Zamalek, stressing that the Swiss coach, Gross Gros, the former coach of the team, could not rely on him in the matches last season.

Ibrahim said, at the hospitality of “On Time Sports”: “Zamalek deducted from my dues 500 thousand dollars the value of the penalty clause for the Portuguese club Maritimo, and an official at the club is currently not fulfilling his promise with me after returning from Portugal.”

He added: “I am sad about the way I left Zamalek, there were people attacking me from the fans continuously in every match, until the club sent my dispensing to the clearing Egypt, and I had a goal of playing for the clearing until I returned to the national team.”

He explained: “I felt comfortable in my meeting with the Egyptian clearing officials, and I hope to add the team to the current season under the leadership of Ihab Jalal, and it is not true what was said about the existence of differences with the former coach Ahmed Hossam Mido.”

He continued: “Gross wanted to count on me in the African Championship matches. He told me and the players that he wanted to join me constantly, but there are people who ask him to sit on the bench.”

The 28-year-old concluded, saying: “If I am offered a choice between Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Pyramids, I will definitely choose Zamalek, but it is difficult at the moment. My focus is with the clearing, and I have one year left in my contract and I hope to return to the Egyptian team.”


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