Mohamed Ramadan launches his song “You Are A Gid” on YouTube and confirms: Trust in God is a success


reveal Artist Mohamed RamadanOn the date of launching his new song, entitled “You are a Jadda”, and published a new picture of him from inside his car via Instagram, he wrote: “Evening of success, a song. You are Jadaa Al-Naharid on my official YouTube channel, trust in God, success ♥ ️?”

Ramadan had released his first promo a few days ago via his Instagram account, and wrote: “Shop Mango, Soon, Trust in God is Success.” And some of the lyrics of the song that part of it were put out say: “If you meet a stump owner … his uniform remains whatever You are fads. “

Ramadan appeared yesterday, inside a restaurant in Imbaba, which is the second visit to him in days, and a video of him from his visit was published, while eating molokhia and hawawshi among a large number of his fans.

On the other hand, the Economic Court in Cairo postponed lawsuit No. 119 of 2020, today from lawyer Magdy Helmy, the pilot of the pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, in which the artist Mohamed Ramadan demands compensation to his client for the damages incurred, demanding compensation of 25 million pounds for the damages. Because of a picture published by Muhammad Ramadan on a plane that is piloted by Captain Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, he said that it was an experience to pilot the plane, for the Wednesday, March 4, session in the presence of Muhammad Ramadan or his legal representative.


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