Mona Farouk justifies Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s brother and apologizes!


After attacking the brother of the Egyptian actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz Wael Mona Farouk And calibrated her by attempting suicide And lied to her Because she defended his sister Against the heinous campaign that He launches it against her because she loved Ahmed Al-AwadiMona replied, denying what she had written, and recounted that someone had fabricated the statement on her tongue after creating a false account for her.

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Mona wrote: (Good evening, Wael.. I am Mona Farouk.. I just wanted to get a message.. The fake counter who wrote about you and said the words on my tongue, and you replied with hurtful words in my right that I was not real and I do not have a Facebook account.. I am not related to this topic.. This is for illustration only).

Wael replied: (Completely, I am sorry, and you must inform me about this Facebook account, because it is well known and circulated among people, and it is known that you sold my sorrow, the post was hooked, and an official pride of morning sounded to the press).

The account may have been fraudulent and not affiliated with Mona, but she could have contacted Wael or called him since they are friends to justify what happened, but she was late and instead of direct communication she wrote via (Social Media).

We say this and we realize that she did not make mistakes, but on the contrary, we liked her chivalrous attitude towards a capable colleague for her, before she would deny all the words that were written as defective or underestimating her. Khalid yousef.

Wael, on the other hand, has to thank his sister Yasmine because she contributed to his increase in popularity, and before that we did not know an actor called Wael Abdel Aziz.

Abdullah Baalbaki – Beirut


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