Mortada Mansour: Why was the summit not postponed, like the Al-Ittihad match?


Mortada Mansour, president of the Zamalek club, again objected that his team was withdrawing from the last top league match and that a decision to postpone it had not been issued.

In a clip broadcast by Al-Zamalek channel, Mortada Mansour said: “We have a speech from the Football Association stating that we will postpone our match against Zamalek in the League due to bad weather, so why did not the matter apply in the top game.”

Zamalek had refused to play Al-Ahly’s last game in the league, before sending a bus carrying a number of youth on its way to Cairo Stadium before retreating and returning to the club’s headquarters to consider the Football Association as a withdrawn team and deduct 3 points from it at the end of the season.

Mortada Mansour added: “Some people are rare because the Zamalek bus did not reach the stadium to enter the summit, although the rains were very heavy at the time, and now there is nothing, and the match was postponed on Thursday due to expectations about bad weather.”

Murtada ended with a strongly worded message to Amr Al-Janayni, head of the Interim Administration Committee for the Football Association: “Your account will be with the court and by law, I am against you even the sports court.”

It is noteworthy that the Zamalek Club Board of Directors decided to close its headquarters in Mit Oqba on Thursday and Friday, and not to train in the team due to bad weather conditions.


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