Mourtada on contracting with Fathi: Al-Ahly is “passionate” … and I did not negotiate it


Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Zamalek Club, confirmed that his club did not enter into negotiations with Ahmed Fathi, the right-back for Al-Ahly, to obtain his services next summer.

Mortada Mansour said in remarks on the “Zamalek” screen late on Thursday: “Al-Ahly is now fond of now, and no one is talking about its crises.”

He continued: “I did not enter into negotiations with Ahmed Fathi except in the renewal of his previous contract, specifically during the time of our negotiations with Abdullah Al-Saeed.”

He continued: “Those who led the contracting negotiations with Ahmed Fathi are the trio Sayyed Mari alongside Ahmed and Amir Mortada.”

The President of Zamalek continued his statements: “Al-Ahly is in crisis now about renewing Fathi’s contract, and looking at Tariq Hamid’s position and renewing his contract, the house came to me to be renewed.”

Al-Ahly Club announced today a third date for the meeting with Ahmed Fathi next Monday in order to discuss his fate, whether by throwing or leaving the red castle.

It is worth noting that Ahmed Fathi’s 36-year contract will expire at the end of the current season with Al-Ahly, which entitles him to leave freely for any club.


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