Muhammad Hamaki is not the first one … Kanye West is Kim Kardashian’s husband.


A great attack on the artist Mohamed Hamaki after he wore a pullover known as DistressedBut what many people do not know is that this type of pullovers was previously worn by many world celebrities, the most prominent of whom is the singer Kanye West, Kim Kardashian’s husband, but the choice of Hamaki was more successful than Kanye West.


Mohamed Hamaki’s last concert was a live event at the American University in New Cairo, amid a great welcome from university students and in the presence of thousands of young people.




Hamaki went up on stage and chanted the song “Myself I stay side” amid the cheers of his lovers that stretched throughout his paragraph and witnessed many events and scenes, as he was keen at the beginning of his paragraph to greet the audience and confirmed his happiness with his presence .

Mohamed Hamaki presented songs, Dari, Jara A and Maini, in addition to “Ma Balash” and Ya Star, among the chants and singing of the audience by him, and the students repeating it more than once. At the end of his paragraph, Hamaki presented songs, “She usually stayed” and “From my heart with richness.”


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