Mustafa Bakri reveals the scenes of the last minutes before Mubarak steps down .. Video


The media said Mostafa BakryIn the events of 2011, tens of thousands went to the Republican Palace and there was fear that protesters might storm the palaceMubarak immediately agreed with the proposal to step down from the ruling without discussion, and said what is important is Egypt’s security and stability.
Bakri added in his program “Facts and Secrets” broadcast on “Echo of the Country”, that the late Blessing Student Prepare To transfer power to me The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

He continued: “This position was historic Because The alternative would have entered the country in a dark tunnel and a civil war that cannot be ended. “

And he said: ” After Mubarak stepped down, Field Marshal Tantawi took over the affairs of the country until a new constitution was drawn up and parliamentary and presidential elections were held.

Mustafa Bakri said: “Field Marshal Tantawi and the General Command of the Armed Forces pledged to hand over power to a civilian president, rejected all attempts to nominate him, and refused to postpone the parliamentary elections from the date set for them.”

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