My Journal in the Ban .. Ahmed Helmy: “In the presence of the dam of the palate, and Mona Tegi shriek when the flour falls” .. Video


Share the artist Ahmed Helmy His followers, with a video of his diaries in domestic isolation, and he explained to his fans and followers how to spend his day in isolation, and he was not devoid of his sarcastic comments. My dream added that he was attending the palate dam, saying in a sarcastic way: “We should declare the text of a fine coupe …

Helmy posted a video through his official account on Twitter, where he appeared as he cooked, commented to his followers on what he was doing with a photo, and commented on the video saying: “My diary is in the ban.”

My diary is in ban

In a previous video, comedian Ahmed Helmy called on his followers to stay at home, in order to prevent the spread and spread of the deadly corona virus,: “Like Mantua Shayfin Al-Roub, with good Muhsin Bey, happy, you will enjoy, you will discover your children, a hysterical discovery, you will simplify playing with them, and God is hard. Extend your hand and work at home. Stay at home, Ahmed Helmy at home. “

The star Ahmed Helmy is completely secretly writing his new movie with a workshop of young authors, where he settled on the idea of ​​the scenario that revolves in a comic framework, and is scheduled to run in the competition in the upcoming Eid al-Adha season, and so far he has not settled on the director who takes on the work duties .

It is mentioned that the last works of the artist Ahmed Helmy, the movie “Fantasy of Mata,” which was shown during the last Eid al-Adha season, and co-starred alongside Ahmed Helmy, Menna Shalaby, Khaled Al-Sawi, Hassan Hosni, Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, Bayoumi Fouad, Lotfi Labib, Anam Salousa, Rashwan Tawfiq, Yasser Al-Tobaji, and the film achieved revenues of 40 million pounds, while there were two films that exceeded 100 million pounds in the same season, namely, “Blue Elephant 2” and “Walad Rizk 2”.

The star Ahmed Helmy was keen on last days to educate his followers and his audience about the need to wash hands in order to avoid being infected with the new Corona virus, and Helmy published a new video of him via his Instagram account from one of the scenes of his movie “Alf Mabrouk”.

And my dream appeared in the video clip, which he published on a sign of the necessity of washing hands, while he is inside one of the toilets, and one of them demands that his hands be washed, saying: “Greet the faucet before he receives my upper hand,” commenting on the video: “Balash Salamat”.


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