NASA confirms that humans land on the moon in 2024 despite delays in the launch system


NASA has revealed its intention to fully comply with the date it set for humans to land on the moon on a new mission in 2024, despite delays in the launch system megarocket SLS, As the first launch of the Artemis return program was delayed until the second half of 2021, but 2024 remains the target of the first moon landing since the days of Apollo.

According to the site “space“The American, in May of 2019, NASA announced the Artemis program to return to the moon, and the first mission of the program is Artemis 1 , On a flight test of the space launch system (SLS) And the Orion crew capsule.

If all goes well, this duo will transport humans to the moon, and the program continues with two missionsArtemis 2 And Artemis 3, The last two tasks of the first phase of the program.

Moon trip
Moon trip

Mission will be clarified Artemis Flight test performance of various systems SLS And Orion Main, including capsule heat shield for the crew.

The next task will be Artemis 2, The crew’s first test flight of SLS And OrionWhere humans revolve around the moon and then return safely to Earth, the date of which was set in late 2022.

The last flight of the first stage of the program is Artemis 3, Which will place astronauts on the moon, near the south pole of the moon. This will be the first landing on the moon since Apollo 17 in December 1972..

Also designed Artemis To pave the way for crew trips to Mars, which NASA aims to launch in 2030, after building the lunar gate also in the moon’s orbit to be a stop between the people of the Earth and Mars.


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