Nasser Saif told Masrawy: “They are being held in Lebanon and we do not know when we will return.”


1:00 AM

Sunday 22 March 2020

The artist Nasser Seif revealed that the family of the series “Black Fatih”, star Haifa Wehbe, is being held inside Lebanon, and they cannot return to Egypt because of the circumstances of the air embargo, adding: “We do not know what the crisis will bring us … God knows best.”

And on the details of his role in the series, he told “Masrawy”: “I play the role of a businessman in business worldwide, owns a satellite channel, and is married to a famous anchor, working for him in the channel, but there are many surprises in the series that drive him to destroy and fight her, and she plays the role of my wife The star Rogina. “

He added that he finished filming 80% of his role during the work, adding: “I presented many difficult scenes, the most important of which was the discovery of betrayal on the satellite channel, which I own.”

On his participation with Haifa for the first time during a work of art, he says: “A very nice meeting, which is very comfortable, and great in dealing.”

And on the common occurrence of Haifa’s infection with corona, he said: “She is a big star and fans of rumors are using celebrities that satisfy their arrogance.”


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