Nehal Anbar requests supplication for her sister


The artist, Nihal Anbar, posted on her Instagram account, a picture of her sister, who was ill and transported to a hospital, and commented on her asking her fans and followers to pray for her recovery.

She wrote: “I pray for Bohra my sister and my only love, that our Lord will heal her, recover her, and return her home in a thousand wells.”

Anbar had stated in press statements that her sister was transferred to the hospital, last Thursday, after she had a coma, and that she was on the way back from Syria, when they told her that her sister fell unconscious in her home, and that she called her son Hossam al-Husseini, who asked her for help, and was He transferred her to the hospital, confirming that her sister had regained consciousness after that, but the situation is critical so far, and she suffers from high pressure in the pulmonary artery, according to the doctors ’diagnosis.

And she continued: “Until now, the doctors did not decide when to leave until the situation stabilized, especially since she felt some pain.”

It is noteworthy that Nihal Anbar participated in the Ramadan 2019 season, through the series “My Story”, which was starred by the artist Yasmine Sabry, and the tournament was shared by a large number of stars, led by the great artist Wafa Amer, Ahmed Hatem, Edward, Ahmed Salah Hosni, Jamal Abdel Al-Nasser, Ahmed Bedair.


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