Netanyahu’s advisor injured, “Corona” .. And the Israeli Prime Minister “unknown”


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Officials said today, Monday, that the tests confirmed that an advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been infected with the Coronavirus, but it was not yet known whether the 70-year-old Netanyahu had been exposed to the possibility of infection or if his work had been affected.

“We will take measures according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health,” an official said, announcing the injury to the parliamentary advisor. Israeli media described the health advisor’s condition as good.

In general, the Ministry of Health requires all those who have been in contact with a person who has been confirmed to be close to self-isolation for a period of 14 days and the possibility of having a Corona examination.

Israeli media reported that the chancellor was in a parliamentary session last week attended by “Netanyahu” and representatives of the opposition trying to form a coalition government with them to help face the Corona crisis.

Israel recorded 4,247 cases and 15 deaths from the disease. The Ministry of Health has warned that the number of deaths could eventually reach thousands. On Monday, Netanyahu was to meet with officials to discuss a proposal to impose restrictions on movement in some areas of the country.

Netanyahu was examined by Corona as a precaution on March 15, and his result was negative, according to his office.

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