New medical shock in Al-Ahly


Swiss coach Rene Weiler, Al-Ahly’s first football team coach, held a session with Khaled Mahmoud, the team’s doctor, to inquire about the latest developments of Hamdi Fathi, the team midfielder, and the possibility of him joining the final roles of the African Champions League.

Khaled Mahmoud confirmed that the treatment program for Hamdi Fathi is proceeding well until the current time, and that the player is implementing the qualification program that German expert Herman Meyer, who underwent surgery for cartilage of the knee, performed for him.

He continued that Fathi was performing a physiotherapy session inside the club’s headquarters in Al Jazeera, and walking around the Touch Stadium, under the supervision and follow-up of the club’s medical device.

Al-Ahly’s doctor concluded his session with Feiler that the player’s ability to join the African Champions League finals is very weak, according to the player’s qualifying program.


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