New Resolution of the Prime Minister to Face the Corona Epidemic (Details)


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The Presidency of the Council of Ministers said that during the meeting chaired by Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, on Thursday, Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, reviewed the current position of measures to tackle the virus (Corona emerging Covid-19) in Egypt, until yesterday, Wednesday, March 18. 2020.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister decided that there will be a working group in each ministry or government agency, whose task will be to ensure that hygiene and purging procedures and procedures are followed in these ministries and agencies.

For its part, the Minister of Health and Population explained that the classification of positive cases with the “emerging corona virus” inside the Arab Republic of Egypt as of Wednesday evening, had reached 157 cases for Egyptians, and 53 cases for foreigners.

The Minister reviewed the infected cases, which were discovered and appeared over the past five weeks. In the first week of February there was one case, and in the second and third weeks of February there were no cases of the disease, while the cases were infected in the first week of The month of March 50 cases, and in the second week of March 49 cases, while in the third week of the month in the period from 14-18 March, the number of infected cases was 115 cases, bringing the total number of cases infected with this disease to 210 cases, as of yesterday.

During the council meeting, the Minister of Health and Population also reviewed the procedures followed to delay the spread of the disease to the peak and reduce the number of injuries upon arrival, including quarantine procedures and the program for followers from abroad, which include quarantine procedures in air, sea and land ports, as well as clearance operations that It was agreed to take place one day a week, which is Friday, indicating that this week was excluded by starting on Tuesday for the weekly purification of all places in the public and private sectors, and all public places, and means of transportation, according to the established standards, in cooperation P armed forces.

In this regard, the Minister indicated that a plan of disinfection with fixed and mobile hotels in tourist governorates has been implemented in addition to clearing ports, airports and transportation means to ensure that the virus does not spread; 25 hotels have been cleared; 11 of them are fixed and 14 are hotels in Luxor , Along with 7 hotels in Aswan.

Dr. Hala Zayed also indicated that the measures taken to delay the arrival of the virus to the peak of the virus also include providing a strategic stock of supplies, including 1,000 thermometers from the front, and the purchase of 40 thousand laboratory reagents (PCR-kits) for the examination of emerging corona disease, and a supply is underway. 250 thousand detectors, and the necessary protective clothing was provided to all hospitals, especially isolation and diets. At the same time, 30 thousand quick detectors were purchased, and 75 thousand quick detectors are scheduled to be supplied next week.

The Minister of Health announced the use of the application of diagnosis and remote treatment in the isolation hospitals, noting that it has already been used in the Hospital, and it is being installed in the rest of the isolation hospitals within 48 hours.

The Minister also noted that the hotline 105, which was allocated to communicate with all suspected cases; to respond to citizens’ inquiries and awareness, about 20 thousand calls are received through it daily, and the capacity for it is doubled, and a line will be provided for the owners of chronic diseases, and in At the same time, psychological support is provided by specialized doctors through phone calls and video calling, and at the same time there is the possibility of sending encouraging and reassuring text messages.

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