No Corona after today? .. Health reveals a surprise about the quarantine..Video


A spokesman said
Ministry of Health and Population, there has been a quarantine camp for more than 3,000 citizens for a period
14 days at a petroleum company, after a case of infection has been found Corona Virus For a Canadian citizen there,
Inside it were outpatient clinics and a medical team, and this camp ended the day before yesterday and they went out

The spokesman continued
On behalf of the Ministry of Health, during a telephone conversation with the “Sabah Masri” program broadcast via
“mbc Egypt “, that is
There is no specific governorate within Egypt that poses a threat to the rest of the governorates, and we do not have a focus for virus
Corona in Egypt
Rather, we reach those injured by investigating contacts.

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He confirmed that there is
Tight precautions were taken in some governorates, due to the large number of contacts being monitored
Infected with Corona Virus In them, such as increasing the number of epidemiological investigation teams in these governorates, and clearing
All government departments, intensify awareness campaigns and ensure self-isolation measures as a measure

The spokesman explained
In the name of the Ministry of Health and Population, there are isolation hospitals at the level of all governorates, and even
Now only 4 isolation hospitals have been used and they are Luxor Hospital, Ismailia Road Hospital,
Al-Nujaila Hospital and Alexandria Hospital, noting that the government prepared several scenarios
To deal with Corona VirusNow, we are applying the second scenario

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health and Population announced a registration
30 new cases proved positive for her analyzes Corona Virus Newbie (Covid-19), increasing the number
Injured to 196 cases, in addition to recording two new deaths

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