No one is new to Al-Sahel .. Ahmed Fathi continues the series of mystery in Al-Ahly’s renewal file


Despite assurances from the Al-Ahly Club that Ahmed Fathi, the player of the team, is close to renewing his contract with the Red Genie, some assert that the “Joker” is delaying sitting with the Discipline Committee to study the matter fully, especially as it has some offers, some of which are local or Gulf.

This is not the first time for the Joker to procrastinate in the renewal of Al-Ahly. Rather, it is a mystery specialty, to which the saying “no one can renew with the sailor” applies to him.

And the Joker has already prolonged his contract renewal in 2014, 2018 and finally this time 2020.

In 2014 he refused Ahmad Fathi Renewing his contract with Al-Ahly due to the financial consideration offered to him from the Red Fort and failed attempts to persuade him to move to Umm Salal Al-Qatari after the offer reached one million dollars, but he returned after one season, to sign his contracts to return to the Red Fort for 4 seasons.

In the second time in 2018, when his contract with Al-Ahly ended, Fathi asked for 15 million pounds from the club in exchange for renewal, which was rejected by Al-Ahmar, due to the financial overstatement of the player, who entered into negotiations with the traditional rivals Zamalek, and the player was finally satisfied materially and remained in the red castle It took place for two seasons only.

This time, Ahmed Fathi has not decided his position on the renewal, as he wants to obtain a higher price than what was offered to him in the Red Fort, while he has a bid from the Pyramids Club that is close to the amount the player requests.

Fathi began his career in the Ismaili Club in 2002, and in 2007 he moved to Sheffield and then Al-Ahly in the same year, and Kazma the Kuwaiti at the end of 2007 also, the Joker returned to the Red Castle in 2013, and spent a short time in Hull City, to return to Al-Ahly and then left Al-Ahly joined the ranks of Umm Salal Al-Qatari after refusing to renew Al-Ahmar, then returning to Al-Ahly in 2015.


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