Not including “James Bond” .. Daniel Craig’s films are worth seeing


Jasmine Adel

One month separates the world from the release of Part 25 of the “James Bond” series, which has the name “No Time to Die”, especially since it is among the films expected for 2020.

Although “Bond” is one of the most well-known roles in Hollywood, and many seek to present it, Daniel Craig, “No Time to Die”, has proven to be more than just “Bond”, and these are the most important other works he presented during his career. And worth seeing:

Crime between comedy and intelligence
Do you like “Agatha Christie” novels, or crime-style crime movies? You should watch the movie “Knives Out”, released in 2019, and nominate for British Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe, with mass success and revenues close to $ 308 million, amid many positive reviews.

This prompted Ryan Johnson, the author and director of the work, to prepare immediately for a second part, to be assigned the heroism of Daniel Craig, who plays the character of the investigator.

As for the plot, it starts from the first scene with the discovery of the body of a famous police writer, the way of his death suggests at first glance suicide, and after the succession of the family members delegations in order to open the will, it appears from nowhere the special investigator, “Benoit Blanc”, to whom an unknown person is assigned to solve the mystery of this crime.

From here, doubts begin about the possibility that the crime was a murder, not a suicide, for the interrogations to continue, so if everyone has a motive for killing, but the reality of the criminal who turns in their eyes from a killer into a victim becomes quickly revealed to the public, so if in the course of events it suddenly turns from the desire to catch the murderer for the call Him to escape this predicament.

The end does not justify the means
“Logan Lucky” is a clever crime movie, which combined drama and comedy, with which director Stephen Soderberg returned to the artistic scene in 2017 after my four-year retirement, and despite the lightness of the text, he chose stars for the star who knew most of them serious roles, Such as Daniel Craig, Hilary Swank, Adam Driver and Channing Tatum.

The events of the film revolve around two brothers who decide to complete a major theft during the NASCAR auto race, which is taking place in North Carolina, which they are desperate to do no matter how costly they aspire to get rich, and so be it.

It is noteworthy that Stephen Soderberg gave Daniel Craig the absolute freedom to act with what he deems appropriate to the character he plays, and to transmit energy and enthusiasm with a footprint of his soul, which Daniel did well to surprise his fans.

The girl with the dragon tattoo
David Fincher, a well-known director, presented many works that were mysterious and psychological excitement, most of which contained crimes that involved a lot of blackness, including (Seven) and (The Game) and (Zodiac).

In 2011, Venture published a new movie, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, which succeeded in the masses. Its revenues exceeded $ 232 million, as well as won the Oscar, and nominated for the Golden Globe and the British BAFTA.

It is mentioned that the movie is based on a Swedish novel published in 2005, and it turned into a Swedish movie with the same name in 2009. As for the story, it revolves around the owner of a magazine and a veteran journalist assigned by a wealthy to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of one of his relatives. It is an accident forty years ago, and to this end, it is resorting to cooperating with pirated computers.

Bond is a cocaine dealer
From a secret agent to a private investigator to a cocaine dealer, this is how Daniel Craig transforms the characters literally, so we see him in the movie “Layer Cake” playing the role of a cocaine merchant who wants to retire from his profession to avoid its permanent risks, but the gang leader is required to perform a final task which is to find The daughter of a kidnapped businessman.

Although this deal will yield huge profits for the hero, it is at the same time a lot of risk, so it seems unlikely to succeed, and so the hero accepts the risk, and the events continue.

(Layer Cake) is a 2004 British crime and action film, directed and produced by Matthew Vaughn, which is adapted from a novel of the same name by J.J.


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