Now the story of the love of the Trinity flower 36 .. The series of the flower of the Trinity Episode 36 translated on and the Turkish atv channel


Love Story Trinity Flower Series Episode 36 A few hours will be presented the new episode of the series The Flower of the Trinity, where thousands of fans and fans of Turkish drama series are eager to broadcast the episode, to find out what will happen to the duo Miran and Ryan, who are seeking to get rid of the family differences that haunt them and disturb their relationship.

Trinity flower series love episode 36

Through the Turkish ATV channel, the Zahrat Al-Trinity series is broadcast exclusively on its screens from the first season, where on Friday every week an official date is set for the episodes of the Turkish-romantic series, and on Friday, March 13, 2020, the series of the Zahra Al-Trinity Episode 36 will be broadcast and the episode will be very fun and exciting. It has many successive surprises.

It is worth noting that the past period witnessed a division of opinions about the series of the Trinity Flower series, some of them considered that the events of the series have become very boring and there is no suspense and only events are overestimated exaggeratedly, while others still see that the series of the flower of the Trinity is one of the best and most powerful series produced by the drama Turkish.

Trinity Flower Episode 36 localized

Since the second season series was shown, the Zahra Al-Trinity series has achieved great success and has been on the throne of the most follow-up Turkish series, despite the strength of the competition between the series that were launched recently, and the hero of the series, Al-Trinity, won the award for best artwork after winning the Golden Butterfly Award.

The series of the flower of the Trinity reveals the story of Miran, who is raised in the confines of his grandmother Aziza, who cultivates in his heart the desire for revenge and revenge against the killers of his parents, where she claims that Hazaroglu was the one who killed his parents and plans to take revenge on them, but all Miran’s ideas change after he falls in love with Ryanoglu and decides He changes all of his plans.

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