Officially … the Ministry of Transport is responding to Wael Al-Ibrashi regarding traffic congestion


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The Ministry of Transport confirmed in a statement this evening that regarding the video that was shown by some satellite programs today regarding crowding in the subway, this video was filmed last Wednesday, March 25th, at the Izbat Al Nakhl station, where some metro stations witnessed the first day of the application of the ban after congestion As a result of the exit of the employees from their work at one time, which the Ministry of Transport dealt with immediately, as the Minister of Transport, the team, was the engineer of the entire minister.

The statement continued: «On Thursday, 26 March, the main control center for the metro and the martyrs station visited an hour and a half before the start of the timing of the ban, and 5 trains were paid in each direction in the three lines in addition to the daily operation trains, as today, Sunday 29 March, the Minister of Transport visited the station The martyrs and the control center for the metro at one in the afternoon to follow the movement of operating the trains and to ensure that passengers are not crowded and provide all the necessary facilities and directed the minister. Continuity of payment after 5 trains in each direction with the three lines during the hour before the timing of the ban, and that the last date for the trains start from the primary stations such as Helwan and Al-Marj at six in the evening and coordination is done with the Ministry of Interior in this regard, especially since the last train is expected to arrive at the two stations around 7:15 pm Evening addition, the number of first-line trains operating during the current operating period has been increased to 41 trains instead of 34 trains, with an increase of 7 trains, the number of trains operating in the second line has increased to 27 trains instead of 22 trains with an increase of 5 trains and operation of 8 trains in the third line in both directions has been Reduce the zem N drips from 4 minutes to 3 minutes, which contributes to the lack of congestion of passengers and the overcrowding of the metro. ”

The ministry denounced in its statement a video filmed filed last Wednesday that it was filmed today and calls on the media to investigate the accuracy of what is published from news about this vital vital facility and the ministry confirms that it deals immediately around the clock with any developments related to passenger safety and security.

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