Omar Kamal reveals the reason for deleting “Oud Al-Batal” from “YouTube”


Eman Mahmoud

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Wednesday 4 March 2020 – 5:41 PM
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Wednesday 4 March 2020 – 5:41 PM

The artist Omar Kamal said that a malicious statement behind the deletion of the song “Oud Al-Batal” from the channel of his colleague Hassan Shakoush on “YouTube”, to disable the success of the song after it achieved 7 million views within 24 hours of its release, something that had never happened before with any song Other.

In exclusive statements to Al-Shorouk, Kamal said that there are attempts now to return the song to YouTube.

Kamal also commented on the deletion of the song through his account on “Facebook”, and wrote: “The same thing that happened in the # girl_jeeran takes place again on # The Hero promises … the song stopped after 7 million views on the first day and he did not get completely with any song I downloaded before” .

He continued, “A little time, the song will come back, and we will come back stronger and more successful.”

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