On International Women’s Day .. The term “Women” raises a crisis in the Egyptian parliament (details)


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“This word does not help you, Mr. Attorney … You have caused harm to us as a result of this.” Sanitation and drinking water in some villages, and in front of the opposition women delegates participating in the meeting and reprimanding him, the deputy replied: “What do you want, my group, my intention is harem?

Dr. Ali Abdel-Aal, Chairman of the Council, congratulated Egyptian women during the plenary session, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, saying: “On this day every year, the countries of the world celebrate the International Women’s Day, in order to signify the general respect for women, appreciation and love for their accomplishments in all Domains ».

The meeting of the Plan and Budget Committee witnessed the affirmation of Minister of Finance, Dr. Muhammad Moait, that the economic reforms undertaken by Egypt were side by side with the fate of Lebanon, whose Prime Minister announced two days ago that the state was unable to pay its obligations and the debts owed on it.

He added: “After the Prime Minister of Lebanon announced the state’s inability to pay its foreign liabilities and debts, I said, Praise be to God, despite all the pain of economic reforms; but this is what Egypt has given this fate.”

He continued about the impact of the Corona virus outbreak on the global economy: “There are countries at stake if these conditions extend for a period of time,” pointing to the impact of the tourism and production sectors worldwide.

The Speaker of the Council warned the members of suspicious channels, calling them to obtain their statements without realizing them, so that the deputy would come out with sound and pictures on these channels. He added during the session yesterday: “Every deputy has the right to express his opinion, and the deputy must take into account the higher interests and not make statements On the phone, you know who is calling you, because there are channels that call the representative and do not announce her real name.

In another matter, the parliament agreed to lift the immunity of MP Jamal Al-Shuwaikhi to appear before the prosecution for investigation in a case that received financial bribery.

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