On the anniversary of the birth of Sana Younis … the story of her secret marriage to the star of the screen


Today, Tuesday, March 3, the date of birth of the actress Sana Younis, from the year 1942 in the city of Zagazig in Sharkia Governorate, and she passed away from Donya on May 20, 2006, at the age of 64.

On this occasion, we reveal the story of the marriage of Sana Younis from the famous star Mahmoud Al-Meligi, which lasted a secret marriage for nearly 20 years. From the famous and famous artist at the time, Mahmoud El-Melegy.

Sana Younis sacrificed a lot, in order for the family life of her husband, artist Mahmoud Al-Meligi to continue in a calm and stable manner, so she did not seek to cause any concern for him with his wife. Love between them during the play (Blemish Miss), where it developed and decided to link.

Indeed, they were married in the early seventies and the condition of al-Meliji was that their marriage remain secret, in the interest of the feelings of his wife, the artist Alwiya Jamil, who was keen to continue life with her, so he married her after a great love story.

In one of his previous artistic dialogues, journalist critic Tareq Al-Shennawi said: “After al-Muliji passed away, I called the artist Sana Younis, and asked her to publish the news of their marriage, but she asked me not to write any word on this topic.”

He added: “And a few days before her departure, I went to her and reminded her of what she told me not to publish, so I was surprised by it and she said to me:” I saw you listening to my words and I was posting it. “


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