Osama Nabih: My crisis with Hossam Ghali ended the past weeks


10:35 am

Wednesday 18 March 2020

Books – Ahmed Sharif:

Osama Nabih, the former coach of Egypt, confirmed that his meeting with Hosam Ghali, the former captain of Al-Ahly during the past few weeks, ended the crisis that occurred between them before.

Nabih said in statements on OnTime Sports, that he saw Hossam Ghali as the most capable of playing in place of Abdullah Al-Saeed in the center of the game industry in the Egyptian national team.

A crisis had arisen between Nabih and Ghali in one of the camps of the Egyptian team during Hector Cuper taking over the technical management of the Egyptian team, which resulted in the exclusion of the captain of Al-Ahly completely from the team.

The former Egypt coach said: “The biggest problem I faced in the Egyptian team was the crisis of Hossam Ghali. For your information, we met coincidentally on the day of the Egyptian Super Cup match, and our meeting was in its arms.”

He continued: “This was the first time that we met after the problem, no one knows what happened between us more than me and him, and his position in our meeting was wonderful and I was very happy with it.”

He added: “Hossam Ghali could have played instead of Abdullah Al-Saeed and he had the technical capabilities to qualify him for that, and I would have informed Hector Cuper of that.”

He explained: “Ghali is one of the first to join Egypt until the problem happened, and he had a great and great opportunity with us.”

And he added: “We had a session to solve the problem in the presence of Mahmoud Taher, the head of Al-Ahly at the time, and Hani Abu Raida, the president of the federation, and they were great gatherings, but Ghali did not come.”

He concluded: “I informed Mahmoud Taher that we do not want to completely close the door to Ghali, but I did with Ali by being here and he did not come, but for honesty, the technical matters of the player and the Al-Ahly club were not well at that time either.”


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