Othman bin Artgrel 15 .. The story of the love of the founder series Osman H 15 translated on the Turkish ATV channel


Othman bin Artgrel 15, A large number of fans and fans of Turkish drama are looking for a date for the presentation of the fifteenth episode of the famous Turkish series “Resurrection of Osman”, which tells the story of the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, at the hands of Ertugrul Al-Ghazi, and Osman daughter who came after the death of his mother, in order to complete the advancement of the state, and fight the Tatars and Mongols And the two crosses, raising the banner of Islam, where the Ottoman Empire is the first Arab Islamic state, personifies the role of Osman, the famous Turkish series Burak Ozcivit, who managed to embody the role in a very terrible way, made the viewers in great surprise.

Othman bin Artgrel 15

The last episode of the series of the founder Osman bin Artgrel witnessed many exciting events, as it seemed clear that Dabir revenge of Dundar for his nephew Othman, in order to be unique to the rule of the Kayi tribe, and to hand him over to the exiles to exile outside the Ottoman Empire, but Othman was able to discover this trick and had promised his uncle Dundar died in front of all members of the tribe, in retaliation for his betrayal to him and his betrayal of all members of the tribe, and the next episode will witness an unexpected surprise which is the emergence of Artgrel the Elder again, after some people thought he was dead in the last episodes of the series Artegral Resurrection, but in fact he was on a journey To Macedonia with BC Another night, and he came to stand next to the daughter and the fight against the Mongols.

Love story site series founder Othman h 15 subtitled

The fifteenth episode of the Resurrection of Osman series is scheduled to be shown on Wednesday, 18 March 2020, through the official carrier channel, the Turkish ATV channel, at exactly eight oclock in the evening Egypt time, and nine oclock in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and after that it is re-presented The episode is in Arabic on the Algerian channel Al-Fajr the next day of the show, Thursday every week, at ten in the evening, Egyptian time.

The frequency of the Algerian Al-Fajr channel, which broadcasts the series “The Resurrection of Othman”

the moonHesitationFEC / SRthe quality
Nile Sat12034 (H)27500 – 5/6SD
Nile Sat10922 (V)27500 – 7/8SD
Yah Sat12130 (H)27500 – 5/6SD

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