People with these professions are more likely to corona .. Know special measures if you are one of them (report)


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With the growing concern around the world about the spread of the emerging corona virus, some press reports have monitored the professions that put their owners facing a major response.

According to the Washington Post, the people who engage in professions interacting with customers are more likely to be infected, compared to those who work in offices and do not deal with a large number of people, according to the Sky News Arabia report.

And the source mentioned that those working in the delivery profession (delivery) appear afraid of the virus, and these concerns also apply among taxi drivers who transport their customers from airports towards the destinations of hotels.

In California, a car driver, Aidan Elva, says that the authorities have not even educated drivers, although they need to be educated about what to do.

After making every trip, drivers are keen to wash their cars with extreme individuality, but this step does not allay their fears significantly.

Meanwhile, Uber has sent a letter to the drivers, advising them to take a number of measures to avoid contracting the Coronavirus, which has infected tens of thousands of people so far.

Uber urged its drivers to stay home if they felt symptoms of the flu, and advised them to keep washing hands and sterilizing the surfaces that were touched in the car.

In China, delivery workers have received great acclaim for their help in transporting food to people under health custody, but the authorities have urged delivery of orders without any contact.

And “Bloomberg News” reported that some taxi drivers are now refusing to transfer flights from airports that are heavily frequented by Asians, in order to avoid being infected with the Corona virus.

Meanwhile, taxi drivers risk losing their wages when they refrain from some trips to protect themselves from the spreading virus.

And the American newspaper reported, that delivery workers have to go to work even if they are sick sometimes, and this threatens to transfer the infection to other people.

The data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States, that only 46 percent of delivery workers provided sick leave in 2017, while this percentage reached 93 percent among business, finance and management personnel.

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